About Us

Hello! We are Alex Chiou and Rahul Pandey, 2 Silicon Valley tech leads who are looking to give back and are now working full-time teaching and growing other people in tech. Alex was a tech lead at Robinhood and Facebook, working at other multi-billion dollar companies like Course Hero and PayPal before that. He has also built apps for fun that have gotten over 2.5 million installs. Rahul was a tech lead at Facebook and was previously at Pinterest. Rahul also runs a YouTube channel about software engineering that has 27,000+ subscribers.

We have created this tightly-knit, open community to help everyone accelerate their career in tech, no matter what their background is. The main thing we do is host free open, honest, and interactive sessions regularly to give you the career growth advice that you can't easily find online. We want to take the massive amount of resources and learnings from Silicon Valley and make them free and readily accessible for everybody. Our mission is to lower barriers in tech for all.

If you want to stay connected with us, you can join us at the following channels:

On top of the sessions, Slack is where Alex and Rahul can provide you the most help. On top of answering your questions, you can also get your resume reviewed, find job postings, and much more! So if you use Slack (or are willing to try it out), please join us on Slack!

If the Slack link doesn't work, just send Alex or Rahul a Linkedln message with your email and we will personally send you a Slack invite ourselves!

Picture of Alex Chiou
Alex Chiou

Android Engineer at Robinhood

Ex-Meta tech lead at Instagram and Portal. Side project enthusiast who has built apps with 2 million+ downloads combined.

Picture of Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey

Android Engineer at Meta

Stanford lecturer, and YouTuber with a passion for tech career growth. His YouTube channel has more than 25,000 subscribers.

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